Deploy Your I/O Data to the Cloud

Data collection is the first step to realizing Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications. More and more IIoT technologies are being quickly adopted, such as cloud services or pub/sub protocols, to collect more data from monitored systems. This move is essentially mandatory, due to the fact that the amount of data involved is expanding at an ever-increasing rate. Moxa’s Smart I/O and MX-AOPC UA Suites are designed for deploying data to a private, public, or hybrid cloud, which provides the most seamless and efficient way to reduce integration effort and lower the total cost of ownership.

  • Deploying Data to a Private Cloud

    Private clouds are implemented within a corporate firewall, under the control of the IT department. Data is transferred from monitored systems through the corporate intranet or virtual private network to the private cloud.
  • Deploying Data to a Hybrid Cloud

    A hybrid cloud combines private clouds and public clouds, in which critical data often resides in the enterprise’s private cloud, while other data is stored in and accessible from a public cloud.
  • Deploying Data to a Public Cloud

    Public clouds are a form of cloud computing in which a company relies on a third-party cloud service provider, such as Microsoft Azure, who provides services such as servers, data storage, and applications.

Enabling Seamless and Efficient Data Collection

  • I/O to IT/OT Protocol Conversion

    Cloud services are provided by the Information Technology (IT) industry, but most users are from the Industrial Automation (IA) industry. The problems this presents is that IT and IA applications use different technologies. Moxa’s Smart I/O can talk both IT and OT protocols. Smart I/O collects I/O signals, which it converts to both IT and OT protocols.
  • Complete, Efficient Data Collection

    Moxa’s ioLogik 2500 series, MX-AOPC UA Server, and MX-AOPC UA Logger, when used together, form a turnkey solution that provides real-time push data acquisition, data buffering in local storage devices, and automatic data completeness after network failures.
  • Easy Configuration and Programming

    Moxa’s patented Click&Go software provides smart, front-end intelligent control logic that implements local control without needing to communicate with a remote host. Click&Go’s intuitive, graphical interface and simple IF-THEN-ELSE control logic, which defines how Moxa’s remote IO devices respond to different events, is easy and straightforward to set up.